Construction Methods


Carepods are designed as a system of interlocking modules that are usually pre-fabricated in a controlled environment, then transported to site for assembly. This avoids the risk of on-site delays and damage from rain, frost and other bad weather, which can occur with traditional on-site construction. The modular route is flexible, fast and cost-effective. Where sites can’t be accessed by crane, the Carepod can be built on location.

At the heart of each Carepod is a strong, galvanised-steel framework and foundation. Thick, pre-fabricated Structural Insulation Panels (SIPs) are slotted into the framework, linking together to provide wall, ceiling and floor strength, and insulation. These are then sealed against water ingress by the addition of cladding materials to the walls and a thick rubber membrane to the roof.

Carepods are designed to meet UK Building Regulations, including Part M covering wheelchair access, where this is required.


Certain elements of our standard designs can be modified, according to individual needs – for instance, providing grab rails, wider and easier access for wheelchair-users including low profile thresholds, or adjustable-height surfaces.


Whether your ground is heavy clay, prone to water-logging, or on a slope, we can use the best foundation option to suit – without the need for the time-consuming, deep excavation that’s required for traditional, heavier brick buildings. Carepods are relatively lightweight and can very often be mounted onto galvanised steel and concrete foundations that provide optimum stability and relocatability. Ease and speed of positioning a Carepod on-site are a real plus-point, particularly when care provision is needed promptly.

Exterior Cladding

All of the cladding options for Carepods are chosen for their fire-retardance properties as much as their aesthetic appearance, weather protection and thermal insulation performance. The external finish can blend in with surrounding buildings or contrast with them, be from a range of traditional timbers or a contemporary-styled finish – the choice is yours.

Internal Specification

Carepods are pre-installed with electrical and communications cabling, ducting, pipework, drainage etc for all the necessary utilities, including air-conditioning, if required. Customers have a choice of shower-room sanitary-ware, kitchen units and appliances, fitted bedroom wardrobes, flooring material, overall décor style and colour finishes. What starts life as a standard ‘pod’, becomes a stylish, comfortable home to the customer’s taste.

Energy Efficiency

Carepods are built with innovative, eco-friendly materials and components – like electric underfloor heating – that deliver energy efficiency, low running costs and comfortable living. Wall, floor and roof sections utilise composite Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) for rigidity, strength and thermal efficiency. All external windows and doors – including panoramic-view aluminium bi-folds, where specified – conform to thermal insulation regulations.


For your peace of mind, all Carepods carry our manufacturer’s 10-Year Warranty on materials and workmanship. (In the case of outright purchases and a Carepod being re-sold by the customer to other parties, this Warranty is transferable to the new owners as long as the relocation is carried out by ourselves.)


Carepods give you the cost and convenience benefits of a high-spec modular system, with the opportunity to get exactly the right solution for your care needs.

Specification sheets, containing thermal values of materials etc, can be provided to customers upon request.