For ‘Granny Annexe’…think Carepods®

A Carepod is a comfortable, single-level modular home for people who are elderly, disabled, infirm or vulnerable. 

Carepods can be located in the gardens of properties belonging to those looking to downsize, a family member, friend or carer. It’s the modern, hi-tech version of the ‘granny annexe’.

It’s also a really viable option for balancing care needs – and the desire to retain independence and closeness to loved ones – with the conservation of assets and life-savings that might otherwise be eroded by other means of care provision.
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Independence for elderly relatives

A Carepod lets you look after your relatives close to home without them losing their independence and private living space. Enjoy each other’s company – without getting under each other’s feet.


Dependents with health needs

A Carepod can be adapted to integrate equipment for healthcare and ease of access – hoists and chairs to help with bathing, widened spaces and lowered surfaces for wheelchair users etc.

Peace of mind in retirement

Choosing the Carepod option safeguards life savings and assets from being eroded by monthly care home costs – letting you enjoy the present without worrying about the future.