Benefits of care at home with Carepods


Taking the Carepod route has many benefits for residents and their families.

INDEPENDENCE | Carepods give people their ‘own space’ – a place where they can carry on being themselves, doing the things that they do, whilst still being close-by to family, friends and carers.

Benefits of carepods for care at home

COMFORTABLE LIVING | Carepods are high-specification and high-quality, using intuitive technology to help residents and/or carers control and monitor the living environment within and around the home. Underfloor heating ensures cosiness in colder weather.

ADAPTABILITY | Carepods are available in standard floorplans for varying usage requirements and can also be adapted to suit specific requirements and personal taste. This includes customisation for access to low-level living / wheelchair usage, hoists etc.

COST-EFFECTIVENESS | Carepods are very cost-effective in sensibly avoiding the erosion of a person’s savings and assets by incurring ongoing, non-reclaimable care costs. Having a Carepod simply gives you a better solution for all concerned.

SPEEDY INSTALLATION | Each Carepod structure comprises one or more modules that are factory-built to UK Building Regulations in a controlled, rain and frost-free environment, for transporting to site. They’re ready for occupation in a fraction of the time of a brick-built building.

CONVENIENCE & COMPLETENESS | Carepod installation usually involves minimum disruption of the site area, with any remedial landscaping and the agreed level of finish – turf, decking, paving, pathways etc – completed prior to occupation. Carepods can be re-purposed, removed and re-sold if no-longer required. We will also help you obtain Planning Permission, should it be needed.