Carepods and standard designs.


Carepods are designed to be very comfortable, practical and easy to use.

There are three standard models to meet differing usage levels and space requirements. Elements of each of these can be adapted to meet specific care or access needs.

The Norfolk

(32.3 m² / 348 ft² floor area)

The Norfolk is the smallest in the Carepod range. It’s a compact single or two-person studio home, featuring a single or double bed, en-suite shower-room, sitting area and outside decked area for sitting outside during warmer weather.


The Suffolk

(43.6 m² / 469 ft² floor area)

The Suffolk is the middle-sized Carepod that provides a two-person studio home, featuring a separate bedroom with double bed and fitted wardrobes, an en-suite shower or bathroom with twin basins, an optional compact kitchen, a roomy sitting area and an outside decked area for enjoying the best of the summer weather. 


The Cambridgeshire

The Cambridgeshire is the flagship of the three sizes of Carepod, comprising an ‘L’-shaped, or square layout two-person home, featuring spacious separate bedroom with double bed and fitted wardrobes, en-suite shower or bathroom with twin basins, fully-equipped kitchen / dining room with roomy sitting area and outdoor sun-deck area. 

Layout 1

(68.3 m² / 735 ft² floor area)


Layout 2

(67.2 m² / 723 ft² floor area)


All three Carepod models benefit from: 

  • High-specification building materials
  • Strong, galvanised-steel frames
  • High thermal insulation properties
  • Aluminium double-glazing for windows and doors
  • Low-cost underfloor heating
  • All available amenities connected
  • Flexible leasing plans available
  • 10-Year Guarantee 

Exterior Finishes

Carepods are designed to be today’s ‘Granny Annexes‘, contemporary solutions to an age-old care issue for those ready to meet the challenges and real circumstances of today – and tomorrow – without dwelling in the past.

As such, Carepods are unashamedly modern in design, though merge sustainable natural materials with advanced new building techniques to achieve a result that really is ‘the best of both worlds’.

As an additional source of weather-proofing and to make your Carepod blend in, or contrast with, its surroundings, we use various high-quality cladding materials, all of which meet or exceed UK Building Regulations in terms of water-repellence thermal and fire-retardancy properties. We aim to have cladding options to suit all locations, situations and tastes.


Carepod interiors are designed to be comfortable, practical and extremely easy to live with. Materials are chosen for their durability as well as their good looks and the overall décor is intended as a blank canvas for residents to impose their own sense of style and homeliness.

An important consideration with Carepods is that their residents have easy access to all areas – whether they be completely able-bodied, or less so. Being single-level dwellings, Carepods take away the challenge that stairs can pose to older and infirm people.

Basic access aids – such as grab-handles and support rails – can be added to promote confidence and give peace of mind to all concerned, whilst more extensive modifications can be made to allow for full wheelchair access – including the use of low-level or adjustable kitchen surfaces. The specific needs of the residents can usually be catered for, ensuring that Carepod interiors are attractive, inviting and safe to use.

Electronic technology can be brought into play to assist in controlling the interior environment, including touch-screen and voice-control of temperature, lighting levels, curtains, entertainment and remote, web-based monitoring of wellbeing and whereabouts via smartphone.


Carepods are designed to enhance their residents’ lifestyles in the most unobtrusive and intuitive ways possible, helping smooth the way ahead for this latest stage in the lives of parents, relatives, friends and carers alike.

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