Q: Do Carepods need planning permission?

A: Sometimes, depending upon the building’s usage and your local Planning Committee. Part of the Carepods service is to advise and assist you in gaining Planning Permission if it is required.

Q: What kind of foundations do Carepods need?

A: As a relatively lightweight, relocatable building, a Carepod only requires shallow foundations compared to a brick-built building, meaning that overall construction time can be much shorter. Carepods are usually mounted onto a strong galvanised-steel base frame that won’t corrode over time. This then has galvanised-steel foundation struts attached which are concreted into the ground. This process usually involves far less disruption to the site than with traditional building methods.

Q: How much space would I need for a Carepod?

A: This depends on which of our three standard Carepod floor-plans you choose. If necessary, please contact us to discuss your situation.

Q: What access width do you need to get a Carepod into my garden?

A: Sections of pre-fabricated Carepod need to be craned into position on-site, for positioning onto foundations and connection. Alternatively, if site access is an issue, we may be able to pre-fabricate smaller sections and carry out more of the build on-site. We will be as flexible as we can be and can plan accordingly following a site visit to assess the situation.

Q: Is a Carepod a proper substitute for a real home?

A: A Carepod becomes a real home once completed by furniture, personal possessions and residents – plus it has the advantage of usually being located in familiar surroundings, with people around you who really care about your well-being, happiness and independence. A Carepod’s design and construction methods make it warm and cosy in the winter, yet airy and bright in the summer months, becoming part of the garden location and near to nature. With all of the utilities, fixtures and features of a conventional home, plus the benefits of single-level living, easy access and low running costs, a Carepod provides a residential care option that people will increasingly be adopting.

Q: How long do they last?

A: Carepods come with a 10-Year Warranty – just like a new brick-built dwelling would. We use durable, long-lasting materials in the construction process – the Firestone rubber membrane that protects its roof, for instance, has a 20-year manufacturer’s guarantee, so should last considerably longer in reality.

Q: Who owns the Carepod?

A: If you buy your Carepod outright, it belongs to you, the purchaser, to do with it as you will. If you take up a finance option to lease your Carepod, the final ownership really depends on the option you choose.

Q: Can a group of individuals live in a Carepod?

A: As Carepods are of modular build, different modules can be connected together to form a larger building with communal facilities, or individual Carepods clustered in their own private garden areas to form Carepod Villages. This means that groups of friends can live together, sharing group resources and each other’s company.

Q: Are all Carepods the same?

A: All of our Carepods are built to the same high standard, using the same modular principles that allow broad flexibility in meeting our customers’ needs. But we are all individuals, each with our likes and dislikes, so the aesthetics of decor, floor finish, colours (including those of aluminium door and window frames) and exterior finish are down to the choice of each resident and their family or helpers.

Q: Do used Carepods have a re-sale value?

A: Carepods have a long lifespan and are relatively easy to relocate, either to a different position on the same garden site, or to somewhere completely different – access and any necessary Planning Permissions allowing. They can, therefore, hold their value for re-selling and / or re-purposing for a variety of different uses, from holiday-lets to providing independent accommodation for grown-up offspring saving-up for their own place.

Q: Can a Carepod be moved or passed on to someone else?

A: Yes, if you own it outright, a Carepod is relatively easy to re-locate – either by ourselves or your chosen contractor (who can contact us for advice on the correct order of actions to do this the most efficiently). Consequently, they can be re-sold or put to a variety of other uses, depending on your changing needs. The Carepod concept is designed to offer high-quality accommodation coupled with cost-effective flexibility and convenience.

If you have your own questions, please contact us via the contact form and we will do our best to answer them.